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The Moors

by Jen Silverman


Agatha and Huldey are two sisters residing on the bleak English Moors. When Emilie, a young governess arrives from London, things begin to go awry. She meets the maid with multiple personalities. And can't seem to find Master Branwell. The Mastiff has a bad case of ennui and the crash landed A Moor Hen can’t remember anything. This bold, theatrical satire takes us on a wild ride through the beautiful and the dangerous while upending gender politics and demanding visibility for its characters as they struggle to find their way in the world.

Vinegar Tom

by Caryl Churchill


Set in the 17th century, Vinegar Tom centers on a story of women in a rural town during the witch trials. Alice sleeps with a man she does not know. Her mother Joan owns an old cat, and curses when her neighbours are cruel to her. Betty does not want to marry the man she is supposed to. Susan doesn’t want to be pregnant. Born out of the women's rights movement of the 60's and 70's, this play with music is a direct response to the uncompromising systems of patriarchy that have led to the past and present oppression of women. Steeped in a landscape of pride, poverty and prejudice the question persists - what makes a witch?