Jen sent Brandon an insta-message. On instagram. Wanna get drinks? Brandon said same. They had just auditioned together as Arthur and Miss Bennet in Miss Bennet, A Christmas at Pemberley and in the callback, realized their undeniable chemistry. Over drinks at The Solo Club in NW Portland, they complimented each other on an excellent callback. They talked and chatted and drank. Suddenly, Brandon excused himself to go to the restroom. Jen thought about how much the drinks were going to cost. Brandon came back and told Jen they needed to raise a lot of money. It was the simplest way to start a company. 

They kept saying yes to each other. They held meetings, went to the bank, strategized, created a shared E-mail account. They thought about buying an existing Theater. They said no to each other. Then they thought about buying a storefront. Then they thought about renting theater space. Then they took a breather. It had been one month. Brandon went to Greece, saw the Theatre of Dionysus (see above photo) and had an encounter with The Spirit. Jen drove around the west coast, stood on the beach at Santa Monica after a pitcher of margs and also encountered The Spirit. After their singular soul searching, Brandon and Jen reunited in Portland at local dive bar, Mock’s Crest. They shared, laughed, and drank their way into a new vision for their company.

Flash forward to today. The Theatre Company is off and running and we want you to join us. We have set a rule for ourselves. What if we always made theater in spaces that were underused? What if we allowed our stories to pop up wherever we felt an alchemy linking story, space, and spectacle together in the artistic sense while also linking audience members with local businesses and areas of Portland they may not have discovered? As lovers of playwrights who create rich worlds, complex characters, infuse their scripts with bold themes and a capacity for spectacle, it’s part of the fun; an invigorating challenge to discover a non-traditional found space to occupy and enliven with a theatrical endeavor. Story. Space. Spectacle.

We are The Theatre Company.

Thank you to our founding Donors of 2019:

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